There are many ways to get involved with SCCA club racing if you are not a driver. Be a corner worker, try your hand at Timing and Scoring, or spend time in the hot pits at Tech or Grid.

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“F & C” is one of the most important jobs at the track. F & C is a team of dedicated people whose responsibilities are communicating to the operating officials and to the drivers on the circuit. “Corner Workers” as they are called, use radio communication to send reports back and forth to the race officials, and use flags to communicate with the drivers on track. Corner workers are also responsible for aiding any driver or drivers who may be having difficulty on track. This may mean helping a driver who has a mechanical problem get to a place of safety off course, or responding to a critical incident involving a driver’s immediate safety. If you enjoy being outdoors and being “up close and personal”, this is the place for you. There isn’t a better view of the racing action!

Starters handle the flags at the Start/Finish line. They are responsible for starting the races, tracking progress of the field and throwing the checkered flag at the finish.

“T & S“ is responsible for timing each car that is on the track, whether it is in a qualifying session or in a race. The timing of a car during qualifying determines the position a driver starts in his race. Scoring determines the drivers finishing position. The unique setup of Club Racing means that not all cars on the track at the same time are in the same class, or racing each other for position. Lap times and finishing positions are critical to a driver who is competing for points in his series as well obtaining crucial sponsorships (as well as bragging rights!). If you cannot work outdoors, or want air-conditioned comfort, this specialty is for you.

If you’re a hardcore gear head, or a newcomer that wants to see racecars up close, then Tech is for you! Although it is helpful to have a mechanical understanding of cars, it’s not entirely necessary. Tech is responsible for confirming that cars are in compliance with the specified rules (The SCCA General Competition Rulebook). This includes all safety items, specified weight, allowed modifications to the drive train, suspension, etc. Tech inspectors also manage impound and verify that the top finishing cars are within the rules. Tech inspectors also conduct inspections on racecars throughout the year at various locations.

If called upon to work in the “hot” pit area (usually where the racecars exit the track), your responsibilities will be to alert all personnel of any incoming racecar and to give assistance to any disabled car whether it is a mechanical failure, or possible emergency to the driver or car. Pit marshals serve as “traffic cops“ during practice/qualifiying and the race and insure that conditions in the pits are safe. The main duty of the grid team is to direct the racecar to its assigned starting position in “the Grid“ (pre-staging area). Other duties consist of checking the drivers for proper racing attire,  seeing that the car has the proper tech sticker for the event, making a final visual check of the drivers safety equipment, and alerting drivers as to the amount of time before their respective race.

The Pace Car is one of coolest jobs! Where else are you assured to be at the front of the pack every lap that your out there! All kidding aside, the Pace Car is a crucial job. The Pace Car driver sets the initial speed of the parade lap and keeps the field in order as well as getting the field back in order for a restart.

The Paddock Marshal monitors activities in the paddock to ensure vehicles are parked correctly, that race and non-race vehicles are driven safely, and watches for potential safety hazards in and around the paddock. Contact the Club Racing Committee Chairman.

Registrars handle the entry forms before the race, sign everybody in and ensure that the racers have paid their entry fees. If you like working with people, this may be the job for you. Registration workers may also fill in at other positions over the course of the race weekend. Sound Control monitors all qualifying and race sessions on the track and watches for cars that may violate rules governing sound levels. Course Marshals maintain and deliver equipment to the corners and provide equipment and course support as needed during an event (oil dry, water, fire extinguishers etc).

f you are interested in joining us at Gateway to help with the races, please contact us at or registrar@stlscca.org. Arrangements can be made for you to work in the specialty of your choice. You will then be able to work other racetracks that conduct SCCA road races such as Heartland Park, Topeka, Hallett (HMRC), Oklahoma, Memphis Motorsports Park, etc…. If you want to just come out and enjoy the weekend and look each area over before making a decision, please contact anyone listed above.

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